Don’t Let a Water Crisis like Flint’s Put Your Family at Risk…

Generate Your Own Unlimited Supply of Clean, Pure Drinking Water Right in Your Living Room!

Discover How You Can Get All the Water You Need to Keep Your Family Hydrated, Healthy, and Safe… All for a Tiny Fraction of Bottled Water (Just $0.13/Gallon)!

Let me ask you… How reliable do you think your water supply is?

Water is essential to our survival. Without it, you won’t last longer than 3 days. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about where your water comes from or what potential dangers are lurking in it.

Right now, Flint, Michigan, is facing a serious public health danger with a major water contamination disaster. After water from the Flint River caused lead from aging pipes to leach into the water supply, between 6,000 and 12,000 children have been exposed to high levels of lead in Flint’s water supply.

Flint's water crisis is a serious public health disaster

Flint’s Water Crisis Is a Serious Long-Term Health Concern.Doctor-80

But it’s not just the people of Flint, Michigan, who are at risk because of contaminated water.

A water crisis could happen at any time in your hometown. And if it does, how are you prepared to deal with it?

Think about it: What would happen if your water supply were contaminated, cut off, or otherwise compromised?

This could happen in all kinds of ways…

  • Natural Disaster

    Natural disasters (storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) could take out power, water treatment plants, transportation, and interrupt your clean water supply like during Hurricane Katrina… and you’ll be forced to move your family into less-than-ideal refugee camps and depend on others’ resources if you don’t have an alternative water supply…

  • EMP

    An electromagnetic pulse could take out the power grid and leave you without a reliable source of fresh drinking water…

  • Contamination Outbreak

    According to the CDC, contamination of your drinking water can occur even after water treatment has occurred… resulting in dangerous waterborne disease outbreaks of Giardia, Legionella, Norovirus, Salmonella, E. Coli, and more…

  • Drought

    Changing climates could result in a drought like the one in California… and you’ll be at the mercy of the government when they place limitations on the public’s water consumption…

Now, I’m not telling you all this to try to scare you. I just want to be sure you understand just how realistic a large-scale water crisis is and how it could affect the health and livelihood of you and your family.

On the other hand, with the Flint story all over the news and a world that’s growing increasingly unstable, I’m willing to bet that many of you reading this right now drink bottled water and already have a hefty supply built up in your basement.

If that’s you, you’re probably thinking you’re off the hook when it comes to tap water becoming contaminated or cut off…

But not so fast…

Not only is bottled water ridiculously overpriced… it also might not be as “pure” as you think...

25% of Bottled Water Is Just Purified Tap Water.

  • The Coca-Cola Company was advertising its Dasani brand as “pure, still water,” making buyers believe it came from natural springs.

  • The reality is… Coca-Cola was filling their Dasani bottles with purified tap water.

  • This sparked an investigation by the National Resources Defense Council, which published the results of a 4-year study on over 100 bottled water brands. Based on testing, researchers found that about 25% or more of bottled water is simply purified tap water in a plastic bottle.

  • There must be a better way to create your own clean water supply instead of paying a premium for glorified tap water in plastic bottles!

What If You Could Create Clean, Safe Drinking Water from the Air Floating All around You?

The purest natural water source doesn’t come from digging in the ground or lakes or rivers… it comes from the air.

What if you could simply pull water from the humidity in the air you’re breathing right now, purify it even more, and create for your family a virtually limitless, safe water supply you could use without fail… no matter what’s happening in the world around you?

And what if you could build your infinite air-to-water machine in just a couple of hours for only a minimal investment… so that you can start drastically reducing your dependence on public tap water and expensive bottled water?

  • You’d feel relieved, knowing you and your loved ones could have unlimited access to a pure, safe source of drinking water if a global water shortage, chemical spill, or other water crisis were to threaten your survival…

  • You’d feel proud, knowing you’ve taken an important step to ensure your self-reliance in the event of a disaster… and have done your part to ensure you and your loved one’s health and safety…

  • You’d feel at ease financially, knowing you can produce plenty of drinking water for your whole family’s needs… all for about $.13/gallon…

  • You’d feel empowered, knowing that you can create your own clean source of drinking water when a crisis hits and others around you are left in chaos and forced to depend on someone else for survival…

You’ll be thrilled to know that I’ve created a resource… a complete, step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to build such an efficient, pure “Self Reliant Water Supply” (SRWS). And right now, that guide is right at your fingertips!

Protect Your Family from a Water Crisis with the Self Reliant Water Supply  Video Course Today!

Build the incredible machine that turns


Self Reliant Water

The Self Reliant Water Supply (SRWS) is an air-to-water generator...

I’ve discovered how to build after my own concerns about the safety of the tap water in my own home. After seeing story after story about the various “water crises” in the news… from Hurricane Katrina to Flint… I knew I had to do something to safeguard my family against this threat.

So, instead of paying a small fortune (anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000) for a pre-built system, I figured out a way for smart, well-prepared people just like you to build your own for just a few hundred bucks!

I've included everything you need to build your very own SRWS inside my comprehensive course Self Reliant Water, Secure Your Water Supply.

Inside this comprehensive guide and 5-part video course, you’ll discover…

  • How to pull pure water straight from the air…
  • How to create a water supply that only costs about $0.13 a gallon…
  • How to keep your family safe and hydrated with pure, clean drinking water… even in a crisis…
  • How to re-mineralize your water supply to maintain optimum levels of nutrients and minerals in your body…
  • A simple, easy-to-follow process for building an air-to-water generator right in your living room…
  • A complete list of all the parts you’ll need to build your SRWS… and a resource page to source all the products you’ll need…
  • Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder style training videos that take all the mystery out of building your own SRWS…
  • And much, much, MUCH more!

Here’s Why You and Your Family Need Your Own Self Reliant Water Supply:

  • You can have an unlimited supply of clean drinking water, even if the public supply becomes contaminated. Contaminated water comes from the ground and your pipes. But an SRWS creates water from the contaminant-free humidity in the air so you can still have pure drinking water.

  • You won’t be subject to government-imposed water restrictions in the event of a national or global water shortage or crisis. In ideal conditions, your SRWS can produce up to 8.75 gallons of water a day, which should be plenty for the average family’s needs!

  • It is recommended that you drink at least 8 cups of purified water per day. Your SRWS will produce enough clean water to meet the daily health needs of 17 people!

  • Your SRWS not only cleans and distills your independent water supply… but I’ll show you how to re-mineralize it so that you can get the healthiest, best-tasting water possible! Your body will love the 84 minerals you add to your purified water that keep you feeling your best.

  • Generating your own water is way cheaper than buying bottled water at the supermarket… Plus: You won’t have to worry about wasting money on bottled water with a fancy label that’s actually just full of dirty tap water.

  • Because the humidity in your air is FREE and the SRWS is extremely energy efficient… you can generate up to 8.75 gallons a day for about $0.13/gallon!

Here’s How Your SRWS Will Generate Unlimited Pure Water for You and Your Loved Ones:

  1. It pulls water straight out of thin air in the form of condensation from the humidity.
  2. The humidity in the air is already free of contaminants, and our process further purifies it.
  3. Water is collected into a capture basin and then thoroughly purified.
  4. The water is re-mineralized to prevent your body from leaching important minerals required for you to maintain your health.

Of course, you might not live in an area with 100% humidity. But even if you live in a desert, you can still pull water from the humidity that is present in the air.


Inside the guide, I’ll walk you through the cost and quantity considerations of each unit and help you pick the best one to build for your family and climate!

Rehydrate, Replenish, and Refresh Your Body with a Limitless Supply of Great-Tasting, Purified Water That’s All Your Own.

  • You’ll love how crisp and refreshing your independent water supply tastes! You’ll be able to give the distilled water a smooth, delicious flavor that will rival the best bottled water you’ve ever had!

  • Plus, you can be sure that this is the healthiest water possible with my guide that shows you exactly how to re-mineralize the water to keep your body full of the vital minerals and nutrients it needs to function properly!

Keep Your Family Safe and Hydrated in a Crisis… and Protect the Environment...

To prepare for potential disasters, contamination crises, and droughts, many people are building bunkers lined with shelves of bottled water.

However, bottled water is not only potentially full of harmful contaminants, but it also it bad for our planet.

Despite the recycling channels that are set up for plastic bottles, an estimated 86% of plastic water bottles end up in piles in landfills. Considering about 60 million plastic water bottles are used in the U.S. alone each day and each bottle can take up to 700 years to decompose, that's a lot of wasted material and space.

On the other hand, your SRWS is environmentally friendly and provides you and your family with all the pure, fresh water you need with no wasted plastic.

And it's not just the environment you'll be saving...

Build Your Own SRWS and Reap the Financial Rewards, Too!

Your Self Reliant Water Supply will generate you and your family an endless supply of pure, clean water straight from the air you breathe.

It just takes an average of about $1.15 in energy costs to run your water generator, and the humidity you're using is absolutely free!

In ideal conditions, you'll be able to generate up to 8.75 gallons per day for just 13 cents per gallon! That's nearly one-tenth the average cost per gallon of bottled water that's bad for the environment and of inferior quality!

If you're family drinks 2 gallons of water a day (which is recommended for a family of 4), you'll save about $900 every single year by eliminating water bottles and creating your own Self Reliant Water Supply!

And don't forget, you'll be getting a much higher quality, healthier source of pure, fresh drinking water.

PLUS – Order Today and Learn How to Save Even More with a Solar-Powered Unit... for FREE!

  • If you’d like, you can make your SRWS even more cost and energy efficient by using solar power!

  • That’s why, if you take action today, I’m also including 3 special surprise bonuses that will tell you everything you need to know about getting started with solar power.

  • You’ll be able to get completely off the grid and ensure your family is prepared for survival no matter what with these 3 valuable resources on solar power I’m giving to you as my FREE gift!

Self Reliant Water

Stay Prepared for a Water Crisis with a Limitless Supply of the Planet’s Purest Water for Just $37!

Ready to give yourself the peace of mind that you and your family can survive a disaster, water contamination crisis, drought, or shortage of any kind?

You can't control the world around you, but you can do your part to make sure you're as well prepared as possible if the unthinkable happens.

Building your own Self Reliant Water Supply is the best way to protect your family and stay healthy and hydrated in an increasingly unstable world, and it will provide you with the purest, best-tasting water all year long.

Lloyd Hester ~

What a brilliant idea! I had never thought of that. Your videos make it easy to understand and follow along and I am surprised at how much water it can provide. You never know what is in your drinking water these days. In recent years two areas of the UK had to stop drinking tap water, as there were serious problems with contamination. Knowing exactly what you are drinking and taking control is a great idea. This will be my next project.

Lloyd Hester ~
RJ Peters ~

This is an interesting and very doable project for anyone, even the “average homeowner,” like me. No complicated blueprints, easily sourced components, and easy-to-understand instructions. I plan to make one as I become more involved in disaster preparedness, but this device can be used for general household needs too.

RJ Peters ~
D Branson ~

This product is amazing, quite simple to understand as well as a cinch to implement. The idea of having delicious, purified water readily available with the easy process of pulling water out of the air is genius. The step by step videos are clear and concise and there’s no detail left out.  Thanks for the resource!!!

D Branson ~

Here’s what you get when you order today:

  • Huge cost savings compared to buying bottled water... plus: The peace of mind that your water is actually clean and pure, not just tap water in a fancy bottle.
  • An environmentally friendly source of healthy, great-tasting water that won't result in millions of plastic bottles piling up in a landfill somewhere.
  • The convenience of having your own supply of fresh, purified drinking water, without having to lug around heavy packages of bottled water or worrying about government limitations on water.
  • Refreshing, great-tasting water that is properly purified and re-mineralized to keep your body functioning at its best.
  • A system that automagically generates a virtually limitless supply of clean, pollutant-free water straight from the humidity in the air (which is free to use).
  • A complete list of all the parts you'll need to build your own limitless water supply for around $500 (way cheaper than other units that cost anywhere from $5,000 - $50,000 online).
  • A resource page where you can find all the products you'll need to source to build your own unit.
  • A step-by-step 5-part video course that shows you quickly and easily how to build your SRWS right in your living room and avoid common mistakes... so you can start enjoying fresh, pure drinking water as soon as possible.
  • A companion eBook that delves further in depth than the video course.

Let me end with this question:

Would you rather pay $5,000 - $50,000 for a pre-made air-to-water generator?

Or would you rather pay $37 right now to learn exactly how to build your own self reliant water supply for right around 500 bucks... and rest easy knowing that you have the knowledge to fix or replace it if anything ever goes wrong?

  • I think the smart answer is pretty obvious. So order now 100% risk free.

Your Investment Is Protected by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Go ahead and order my complete guide to building your own Self Reliant Water Supply. If you're not 100% satisfied with the materials and the instruction you receive, just let me know within 30 days, and I'll gladly give you all your money back.

Order Now to Get All The Information You Need to Build Your Own Cost-Efficient, Healthy Self Reliant Water Supply Today!

Self Reliant Water

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